#Wordprompt: Transition

I cannot complain, my life is quite good,

But I still miss feeling safe and looked after.

A walk in the rain, not sure that I should,

My sad heart, it needs love and some laughter.

An arm round my shoulder, a hand I can hold,

I need to be cherished , not left in the cold.

I’ve been learning to make the most of my lot,

Its good but still something is missing,

I’m not looking for wealth or a man with a yatch

Just a comfortable happy transition.

South West coast path meanderings

A few years ago I read The Salt path by Raynor Winn and it compelled me to go walking πŸ‘£.

A couple of years ago I enjoyed wandering along 20 miles of the walk in South Devon.

(I walked a further 6 miles but lost battery power on my mobile)

Then last weekend I went down to Minehead (which is the start) and i walked the first beautiful but quite hilly part of the walk 😁and I chose rather a hot weekend ! 🀣🌞.

The Cosmic Photo Challenge: From the Ground Up.

Enjoyed this one i spent a lot of time on the ground ! All of my pictures were taken with my mobile phone on the ground looking up, i am quite happy with the finished pictures when you look at them think about how daft i must have looked laying down so i could take them ( a couple in my garden but the others in the cemetery): From the Ground Up, Hahahah..

I was a little frightened when i took this one ( I watch tooo much Dr Who !)
I wondered if anyone would realise what this picture was !

Starting afresh and enjoying myself

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